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bachelor: Food quality and safety

2016.06.28 19:14:10

The main objective of continuous education program in this filed is to prepare specialists with basic knowledge of nutrition science and with potential to work at hospitals, nurseries, secondary schools, child and social welfare organizations, canteens o various organization as dietitian. The graduates also will become able to work as either researcher or instructor at research institutes and as lecturer at educational institutions of all level.

Bachelor degree training in nutrition science continues for 4 years. The total credit requirements for the degree Bachelor of Science in Food Microbiology are 123 including required course credits are 96, elective course credits are 20, industrial practice credits are 2 and graduate research credits are 5. The curriculum of this training is developed to meet requirement of continuous education.

            By choosing to study Nutrition and earning Bachelor and Master Degree you should have nice opportunity to work in the field of nutrition, public catering and service, state or monitoring organizations.

 Bachelors in Nutrition will acquire the following abilities.

  1. It is possible to fully realize the orientation of the specialty by studying specializing courses on relation between nutrition and food processing and new advanced technologies in this field.
  2. To prepare creative, responsible individual with professional ethics, social and communication skills.
  3. To acquire sufficient knowledge in order to develop intellectually and professionally by yourself, and to promote definite objective of renovation, and its execution.
  4. To manage and lead all activities according to market demand and external and internal capabilities of the sector in order to support sustainable development.

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