School of industrial technology


Historical outline

2001 – Biotechnology Division was established by the order of MTU Rector in order to conduct training and research studies in this field.

2002 – Professors’ teams were organized at branch schools by the order of MTU Rector. Three 2003 – Professors’ teams like “Food chemistry and technology”, “Food biotechnology”, “Food microbiology” were created at Biotechnology Division of Food and Biotechnology School, MUST.

2004 – Started to cooperate with “Food and Biotechnology Research and Development Center” named after N.Bagabandi, Honored Doctor of MUST.

2006 – Three professors’ teams had teamed up under the name “Food Biotechnology Professors’ Team”

1999–2000 – Started to conduct training by the specialty “Food Processing Technology and Hygiene”.

2000–2001 – Started to conduct training by the specialty “Nutrition Science”.

2014– Professors’ teams “Food Biotechnology”, “Food quality and safety” and “Nutrition” had merged into “Biotechnology and Nutrition Department”.

 implemented projects and contract research studies

2004–2006 “Technology of Metabolism Supporting Fermented Dairy Products and Starter Culture Collection”, Project funded with MFST

2008–2010 “Research Study on the Technology of the Use of Biocide Plants in Wool and Cashmere Products”, Project funded with MFST

2008–2010 “Design Estimation and Technological Solution of the Use of  Probiotic Microorganisms in the Production of Bio-preparations with Properties to Activate and to Regenerate Digestive Organs” Project funded with MFST

2009 “Indices of Ulaanbaatar City Air Pollution and Biochemical Study of Lichen” ARC Project

2010 “Food safety” Contract research with MFALI

2012–2014 “Pure Culture Collection of Microorganisms used in the Production of Food Products” Fundamental research study



School of industrial technology







School of industrial technology